Benefits of Using Eco-Friendly Business Cards

Business cards are indispensable items when you need to advertise your business in the outside world. They can be made in any size or color, but the information contained in these cards (about the business and business owners) should be right and apt. Now-a-days, eco friendly cards have become more popular than usual ones. They are of two types: One made up of recycled paper & ink and other Ecards.

  1. Those made up of recycled paper & ink – Such paper cards are available at majority of the stores. They look unusual and are easily distinguishable from usual ones. They can be made using variety of shades and designs. They are completely biodegradable, since recycled paper and ink are utilized to make them.
  2. Business Ecards – Business Ecards are eco friendly in the sense that no papers are involved in creating these e-cards. They can be sent or received via internet.

The benefits of using Eco-friendly business cards are given as follows:

  • The first and obvious reason of using eco-friendly variety is that they are free from any health hazards.
  • Secondly, they create a good impression on the minds of prospects and customers of the business, other companies and associates. Customers develop a feeling that your business cares for the environment.
  • Talking of Ecards, they are quite cheaper as compared to paper cards.
  • Moreover, ecards can be created in a captivating and an entertaining manner. This can help in delivering right message to the targeted spectators who are being amused at the same time.
  • When business cards are sent via internet, businessmen can insert the link of their official website on them. This may help in bringing more visitors to the website.

How to make your own Eco-friendly Cards?
Looking to the good points of eco-friendly variety of cards, many companies have started using them for promotional reasons. Some companies go for recycled ones and some go for ecards. Most of the companies, who choose e-cards as their marketing option, hire professional designers to design them. However, there is a more convenient way available to design business ecards, i.e. by using a good business card software product. This software helps in creating cards in a desired prototype. You can use any available template, font type and style, color and picture on them to make them look attractive yet professional. You can also design business stationary such as flyers, headers, etc. Thus, ‘Go Green’ and make environment-friendly attractive cards.