Business Card Software Or Composer Essentials

Business Card Composer is a blessing of Digital Age to build rich media cards in few steps. Salient features of a good software can be as mentioned below.

A user-friendly assistant guides you through a step by step process to give birth to your own brand as below:

– Select your design: Pick from thousands of options or off-the-shelf pre-installed designs to supply you with all you need to create a design that is sure to make people notice your business card with images in a variety of formats (like JPEG, TIFF, PDF, GIF, EPS, etc).

– Extensibility: Many software allow you to search for images on the net from the program interface.

– Integration: Synchronization with iPhoto facilitates to import images straight from your photo libraries and give an additional touch with the variety of font styles given inside.

– Paper Layout: Having selected a design you are then guided to select the paper layout.

– User-friendly editor: Now that a design and layout is fixed it is time you start editing your card using the embedded friendly editor thereby allowing you to create different types like folded, double-sided, vertical, and horizontal and CD-R copies.

– Contact Management: Import contacts from your mobile, card readers or from cards collection in soft copy format and integrate with Address Book. The program collates information fields automatically by choosing a right contact from its interface. It also allows text files to create place cards or name badges for tradeshows or tradefair. You can also import data from text files which can help with creating place cards or name badges for large events.